Site analysis before you buy

When should I do a site analysis?: A real-world example

We were asked to do some site analysis before our client put in an offer on a beautiful building lot. We often start a project with a client that has already purchased their dream lot, and we are able to sculpt the building site to make their home just right. If the lot is large enough or their home is small enough, it works without any major challenges. However, if you are evaluating multiple lots that seem perfect, have a lot that might have some challenges to fit your dream home, or you are just unsure of what to look for in a perfect lot, we can do site analysis before you buy the land.

Working with Realtors

Many realtors hesitate to bring in another voice into the purchase process, but the ones dedicated to serving their clients the best will always call on other experts to help answer questions. Michael Kalman, REALTOR® with Valley Realty Associates, gave us a call to find out if we had time to assist his clients that wanted to see if the lot they found was the lot for their dream. With Michael’s help, we gathered the survey, evaluated the site virtually, read the neighborhood covenants, and discussed the building goals with our client. From that meeting, we were able to develop a schematic layout for their future build. Next we traveled to the building site to confirm our assumptions – it is important to see the land and spend some time on the land when doing this evaluation.

What happens after the visit?

After this visit we made some changes to the layout, made some calls to learn more about available utilities, and did additional virtual evaluation. From that data collection, we were able to give our client a good idea of the potential of the lot and some preliminary budget costs to do the development. While this can mean time (and money) spent on a site that our client decides not to buy, it also gives peace of mind when negotiating the price they are willing to invest in this land.

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