Evolution Glass: Innovative Locally-Made Building Product

We are always on the look out for new products in the construction industry. We pride ourselves in knowing the options and being able to select the best solutions for our clients. It is rare to find a locally made 100% recycled product that looks this cool. Check out this summary from Bill Hess, owner of Evolution Glass in Charlottesville. If you want to see a sample of his product, I have a few in my office.
Evolution Glass Evolution Glass

Bill Hess’ description of his glass counter top:

In our local community, around our nation and internationally, there is an abundance of glass waste. In fact, only a small portion of glass is actually recycled (around 30%). Surprisingly, much of it ends up in the landfill. Not only is this uneconomical and inefficient, it can also be a health hazard. Contrasted to plastic, paper or metal waste (much higher percentages are recycled for those materials), there is very little market value for glass waste. The portion of waste glass that is recycled goes toward creating new containers, making fiberglass insulation, and being integrated into road construction materials… an ironic ending to something that has such a personal relationship to us through our food and drink.
Evolution Glass

Evolution Glass solves a problem

To address this problem, Evolution Glass has created a unique looking-glass surface that offers a viable alternative for recycling glass containers.  This surface has the transparent look of high-end art glass, and it is highly functional. Due to its thickness and the process used to create the surface, it has a durability comparable to stone. Evolution Glass is suitable for counter tops, tables, backsplashes, interior wall panels and more.
Evolution Glass Evolution Glass

Unique company

The company is one of only 4 countertop companies in the world that create solid glass surfaces made entirely of recycled glass (most products combine recycled glass with epoxy or cement as a binder). The look of our product is completely different and strikingly beautiful. Learn more at www.evolutionglassglobal.com where you can see color options, examples of completed installations, submit an inquiry about a project or schedule a visit to our facility in Charlottesville.
Evolution Glass

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