Harrisonburg Green Expo

The Harrisonburg Green Expo is scheduled for November 10th from 9am – 4pm at the EMU Commons. This annual event brings together the leaders of the sustainability movement from the area for a great day of workshops, exhibits, and demonstrations.  This years event has the added benefit of many activities for children including a bouncy house, children’s yoga, a fire truck, smoke safety house and many other activities.

Beginners and experts alike can visit to learn about growing a more vibrant community with clean water, clean air, healthy living, renewable energy, and green building.  The event will also feature a coffee tasting, food from Little Grill and Bowl of Good, and a Book Swap.

Our seminars this year  include the following:

10:00 am “Heart Centered Success in a High Tech World

Christina Kunkle of Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching

It is my strong core belief that Only Heart-Centered Success leads to happiness and genuine fulfillment.  It requires living from the Inside-out…From our values and passions, rather than from Outside- in.  Before we can inspire, motivate, educate or connect with others, we must first connect with ourselves.

Participants will learn:

1. The 2 Biggest Blocks to being Heart-Centered in a Hi-Tech World

2. 3 Synergy Heart-Centered Success Tips they can implement right away to not just survive, but tothrive in business and in life.

11:30 – “Energy Efficiency, The New Normal”

Chuck Bowles of EarthCraft Virginia

If you are looking for ways to save money, want to understand how your home works, or just want to reduce your carbon footprint. This seminar will present the basics of how to cut your energy usage to run your home and put money back into your pocket.

1:00 pm – Healing from Within… Your Kitchen Cupboard

Janelle Hurst de Mazariegos of Healing Waters

God created and surrounded us with many natural resources to keep us healthy and in balance.  Come see what beneficial foods and spices you already have stocked in your kitchen cupboard that can help you balance blood pressure, cholesterol, ward off colds and flu, promote ultimate intestinal health, reduce inflammation, and much more.

3:00 pm – Movie: Powering the Planet from the PBS series Earth, the Operator’s Manual

Sponsored by: CAAV

Get an eye-opening look at some of the world’s most important case studies in smart energy decisions. In Spain and Morocco, large-scale solar farms and individual photovoltaic panels atop tents in the Sahara are beginning to bring the sun’s vast potential down to Earth. In Brazil, abundant natural resources (sun, rain and sugar cane) are transformed into efficient, sustainable biofuel. In Samsø, Denmark, and West Texas, citizens have taken sustainability, and economic realities, into their own hands by becoming stakeholders in wind turbines. In China, a full-throttle approach to multiple sustainable energy technologies is giving rise to a “new empire of clean tech.” Great nations and small communities alike are finding sustainable solutions that provide for people and protect the Earth. But what about America — are we making the right decisions for our country’s energy future?

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