Green Term Defined: Conservation

Conservation, to me, is the key to a more energy-efficient future for our built environment. It is the act of preserving, guarding, or protecting the resources we have available on this planet.

IMG_3626 - Copy

Building represent 38.9% of U.S. primary energy use (includes fuel input for production). Source: Environmental Information Administration (2008). 

Buildings are one of the heaviest consumers of natural resources and account for a significant portion of the greenhouse gas emissions. Source: Energy Information Administration (2008). 

Buildings Represent 72% of total U.S. consumption of energy. Source: Environmental Information Administration (2008).


With stats like these you can see how cutting energy use in existing buildings is a key to our efficiency future. We can do a lot with new buildings, but we have an aging building stock that needs lots of attention. 72% of buildings in the U.S. is over 20 years old. Conservation is the key to improving our building stock and cutting our annual energy use.

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