Function is primary for good kitchen design.

When we moved to the area we looked at a lot of houses. This one was just finished and still had the new home smell (VOC’s). This kitchen is clearly not designed to be functional at all.

kitchen design

Notice the cabinet above the refrigerator. This is the cabinet where you store the stuff you never use. If you are tall enough to reach it, it is too short to actually put much of anything in it.

Another glaring problem is the side by side refrigerator is in a corner. This will prevent the freezer door from opening completely. It would be very easy to fix this problem without costing anything additional.

Last, and hard to tell in this picture, there is a walkway through the work area in the kitchen. The path to the garage door goes in front of the refrigerator.

Function is key to an effective kitchen design and should be the primary focus before anything else. While the cabinets are low quality and the hardware is clearly out of style, those items can easily be overlooked if the kitchen works well.

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