Elmer Burruss – Gaines Group Heritage

I have been with Gaines Group Architects since January of 1999, almost 20 years with a brief break to attend grad school from late 01 – o3. I understand that is rare today as many designers like to jump around from firm to firm. However, that does not always happen here at our firm and I think it is because of our focus on our firm as a family. We have over 100 years of combined experience, maybe we are hitting an even higher mark these days, but as I get older I want to think about that less. We have built a team that focuses on serving our community through design, but also through community service. This tradition runs deep, well before my 20 years started. This approach is Ray’s vision for the firm – to design buildings that benefit the community, last a long time, and function well. However, Ray learned this approach from someone as well. His Grandfather, Elmer Burruss, was also an architect in Charlottesville. While I never had the pleasure of meeting him, just looking at a list of his projects will tell you that he also valued community.

Elmer Burruss practiced architecture in Charlottesville from the mid-1930s until the mid-1970s after declining an opportunity to play professional baseball.  In addition to many custom residences, his work included the Albemarle County Clerk’s Office, the Monticello Dairy, Hill & Wood Funeral Home, and the Frank Ix, Inc. Complex.

Elmur Burruss Architect

During that time, he also founded and operated numerous construction related businesses in the Charlottesville area.

Whether is was Mr. Burruss or Mr. Gaines that got us here, I am so proud of the legacy our firm is leaving. Thanks to Ray for his leadership and passion for building a better community. To learn more about our efforts, visit https://thegainesgroup.com/communitysupport/

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