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There are two excellent opportunities in the coming week for construction industry members to network and learn in virtual meetings. Check them out below and register to get the zoom link.

CVCSI Chapter February Monthly Virtual Learning

“New challenges in 2021 for Employers as they continue returning to work after COVID-19”

February 17, 2021, Noon – 1:00 p.m. EST

Register HERE


Speaker: Travis Vance, Fisher Phillips

Vance, Travis

The CDC and OSHA continuously issue new guidance relating to reopening your business, and state governors and local officials make individual, different determinations about how to relax return-to-work and business closure orders.  Business guidance and legal requirements are changing rapidly. This webinar will discuss changes implemented that employers must be ready for as states reopen for business. This webinar session will cover:

  • Handling Employees that Refuse to Work
  • Assessing the Workplace for PPE, including face coverings
  • What potential legal claims employers could face, including OSHA claims
  • Handling suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases in the workplace
  • Recording and reporting COVID-19 cases to OSHA
  • Vaccines in the workplace

Travis Vance, Partner, Fisher Phillips is a member of the firm’s COVID-19 Taskforce, a cross-disciplinary team of attorneys dedicated to advising employers on the many workplace law aspects of the global coronavirus pandemic. Travis has assisted over 500 companies during the pandemic and remains committed to serving companies to protect the safety and health of their employees.

CVCSI Chapter February Monthly Young Professionals Virtual Meeting

Young Professionals meeting February 2020

“Goal setting skills for personal and professional growth”

February 18. 2021, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST

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Speaker: LeeAnn Slattery, ATAS International, Inc, Sales support manager

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