Our team continues to build knowledge – Deborah now hold her CDT Certification

Our team values education and we work hard to stay on top of the latest developments in the construction industry. We also work hard to make sure we have the basics covered. That is where the Construction Document Technology certification comes in.

Deborah Smith

We found out today that Deborah Smith, AIA, CSI, CDT has passed the CDT! This is one tough exam and the knowledge gained through the study sessions preparing for it will impact her ability to deliver the best service to our clients. Congratulations to Deborah!

The CSI Construction Documents Technology certification provides a comprehensive program of study for anyone seeking to enhance and demonstrate knowledge of writing, interpreting, enforcing, and managing construction documents. Passing the CDT means you join an elite group of professionals in the industry known for their comprehensive knowledge of the writing and management of construction documents.

construction Specifications institute

I can tell you from my experience in the past from passing the exam then moving on to teach a class for the exam – this exam is difficult. There is a ton of information and it is information that everyone in the construction industry should have. The CDT teaches you how the process should go if everything goes perfect. This certification has tremendous value and I believe should be a requirement for everyone working in the industry. I am thrilled that we now have 60% of our staff holding a CDT or higher certification.

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