Architectural Coloring pages

Architectural Coloring pages

Our new Architectural Coloring pages were a big hit at the Snow’s Garden Center Go Green Fest. We had plenty of kids and some parents color some pages even with the high humidity and moist paper. We are always looking for creative activities that encourage people to think about design. These coloring pages feature our logo and some houses we have designed. The idea was to pick colors you think work and well blow off some stress while having fun. It is a simple way to keep the kids busy while talking with parents about their design projects.

If you have an idea that we could add to our table top please let us know. We have a variety of activities from painting rocks, coloring pages, to tape measures. However, we are always looking for something that kids can take with them.

Check out these renderings:Charlottesville architect
charlottesville architect

Charlottesville house designhome designCharlottesville builder

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