At Home with the Gaines Group

“Samuel Mockbee said, ‘Everyone, rich or poor, deserves a shelter for the soul.’ That is the architect I want to be, one that helps others through design.” – Charles Hendricks

Our team had the pleasure of spending time with Amelia Schmidt, the creative mind behind the “At Home with” series featuring inside looks into local homes and businesses. As architects and designers, we love what we do and are grateful to Amelia for capturing more of our story and sharing why we believe in the power of design. Led by her curiosity and armed with a camera, Amelia tagged along as we chatted in our office at the Depot and checked in on a project on-site. She asked thoughtful questions and snapped a few pictures of the various stages of the design process.

Below and throughout this week on social media, we will be sharing some of Amelia’s work from our time together. Thank you, Amelia, for capturing us so well and helping tell our story! You can visit her website or follow along on social media to see our series along with many other “at home with” insider views of homes and businesses.