“Because That Is The Way We Always Do It” Is Not The Answer

I had worn these boots for the last 15 years. They fit. They were comfortable. They did the job. These Timberland Boots were the best shoes I have ever owned. I thought many times, maybe I should find a new pair of boots, but why replace something that was working so well? I ignored the treads that were wearing out. I ignored the appearance. I ignored all the ways the boots were falling apart. “…Because that is the way we always do it.”

timberland bootstimberland boots

Until I could not ignore the problems – the tread on the bottom finally failed and a hole was created. Now my feet were wet. The old boots no longer worked. I was forced into a new pair of boots.

timberland boots

The new pair of boots are water-resistant, well insulated, and way more comfortable than the old boots that were past their prime. They are clearly a better solution and probably was a solution that I should have used years prior. 

timberland boots

So why are we so resistant to change? My boots were what I knew and I did not want to risk moving onto something I did not know until I was forced to take the step. This happens often in the construction industry. We don’t ask questions and we overlook the small things that are not working. Because that is the way we always do it has become a reason for doing something the same way vs questioning if that way is the best solution. Just because you designed or built something a particular way in the past does not justify doing it that same way in the future if new technology and information is now available. Sustainability or green design is remarkably still considered new to some in our industry. We have new knowledge and new technology, this makes it possible to design new solutions and do not have to fall back to “because that is the way we always do it.”