Please help us WIN the Marvin Windows Architect’s Showdown – vote once a day for the Shenandoah Farmhouse!

Voting is done, thank you very much for your support!

Please help us win the Marvin Windows Architect’s Showdown – vote once a day for the Shenandoah Farmhouse! We are in the TOP 5, thanks to your support.



Thank you so much for your support to get us to the TOP 5!!!! This contest is strictly done based on internet voting and you have propelled me into the top 5 of the Marvin® Windows and Doors architect’s challenge. Our design for the Shenandoah Farmhouse is the only Virginia project left in the contest. In fact, it is the only east coast project left in the competition. If you like it and want to help us win, vote daily HERE.


You can vote once a day (and only once a day – multiple votes from different devices are not counted). You can also spread the word by sharing this blog post to your Facebook and Twitter page or share it by email.

Project built by Trost Custom Homes.

Windows supplied by Monger and Sons.

Marvin® Windows and Doors hosts an annual Architects Challenge, inviting architects to submit their best projects using Marvin products. This prestigious contest also includes a Showdown event to select a winner by people’s choice. This is a separate award based solely on Internet voting.

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If I were selected for top honors, I win a trip to the Greenbuild architecture conference in Washington, D.C. this fall.

As you can see, there are a lot of amazing projects entered. I’d be proud to be selected from this fantastic group.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Mud RoomCustom Kitchen


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That will bring up my project.

Indoor Basketball Court Golf Simulator  Heavy Timber Living Room

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Green Term Defined: Grasslands Conservation Carbon Offsets

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