Thinking of building a new home – consider these questions first

If you are thinking of building a new home – you should consider these questions first.

1. What is a typical day for you and your family? What can be done to make things easier and more organized – cubbies, laundry chute, kitchen island?


2. Think about the activities, parties, and gatherings you want to host at your home. From a daily dinner to the occasional social party, what is your dream life?

3. How long do you plan to stay in this home? Is it your lifetime home? Do you want to make your home marketable for future resale?


4. Do you work at home? Do you have a different schedule from your spouse? Do you like to bake? Do you work out at home? Do you read in your bedroom? Do you watch television?

5. Do you want your home to have technology to help you manage daily activities?

6. Do you want to have low electric bills, low maintenance lists, and healthy indoor-air-quality?


7. Are you or someone in your family concerned about mobility problems? Parents are in a wheelchair? Back problems run in the family?

8. How much land to you want? Enough for a garden? small enough not to have to mow?

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9. Do you want particular spaces in your home? Gym? Walk-in Pantry? # of bedrooms? Dining room? Family Room?

10. Do you have any particular types or style that you prefer? Colonial? Modern? Prairie?

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