#ilookup to those that #dogood in our community

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Celebrate architecture week (#archweek15) April 12-18, with us by helping build a brighter future for all of us. Do good (#dogood) for someone else this week and share your efforts with us on social media. They win and you could also.

“I want to see that our work made a difference and the community is a better place for it.” ~ Raymond Gaines

I believe strongly that it is an architect’s ethical duty to help build a brighter future through design. As an architect, we have the privilege to create spaces for in-habitation. These spaces should enhance livability, reduce energy usage, and protect environmental quality. According to the Iroquois Great Law of Peace “in every decision we must consider the impacts of our descendants seven generations into the future.” This concept changes how you view creating the built environment and how you live life from day-to-day.


The idea of making decisions for future generations does not stop at the built environment. AIA created a campaign this year to raise awareness of the built environment using #ILookUp. Well, #ILookUp to those helping to create a brighter future for others. So, to celebrate #archweek15, we have decided that if you do good (#dogood) for someone else, not only will they win, but you might also win. Let us know what you are doing and share it on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress) using hashtag #dogood. You will be entered into a drawing – the winner will have $280 donated in their name to the charity of their choice. As our firm celebrates 28 years of design for a brighter future, we want to celebrate your efforts to build a brighter future. So give, donate, help, smile, love someone else this week and tell us about it. We love hearing the good news happening in our community!