Young Architect Conference: Winter Series 2022

The latest season of the Young Architect Conference is fast approaching and we could not be more thrilled for the next leg of the series! Previous blogs have gone over the kinds of seminars and workshops present in the summer series but we are strapped in and ready for the new content in this upcoming winter portion! Last year was the beginning of a different setup when it came time for this event, everything became digital and the seminars now took place in the comforts of our own homes!

Some of us even got creative with having a remote workshop and faced challenges in being productive and focused in the comfort of our homes. Our very own Caitlin Morgan, co-creator of Emerge Construction cracked the code to make sure she was engaged every day of the series. By rearranging her at-home office and clearing out unneeded distractions she was able to achieve her ideal study space (Amazing what the power of design can do for your behavior). A surprising benefit that accompanied this change is the ease of networking, thanks to the digital realm it has become far easier for architects throughout the country to connect and stay connected during and after the conference.

The series begins on January 21st and will go through the 25th, it will be featuring several different field experts along with engaging workshops and note-worthy lectures, our very own Charles Hendricks will be giving a lecturing on Empathetic Design; Serve Your Clients While Serving Your Community – we hope to see you there!

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