Gaines Group Architects

Caitlin joined The Gaines Group in 2018 while studying at James Madison University. As an intern, she worked on a wide range of projects to gain experience in the technical aspects of architecture and learned the significance in providing healthy and sustainable designs for the community. 

As a native of the Shenandoah Valley, Caitlin earned her BFA in Architectural Design with a Minor in Studio Art in 2020, having received the J. Binford Walford Scholarship in academic excellence. Her senior thesis, titled “Designing for Life: A Mars Study,” studied global poverty and the depletion of Earth’s natural resources, showcasing a parallel between Mars’ barren landscape and Earth’s most vulnerable regions. 

Prior to graduating from JMU, Caitlin attended Massanutten Technical Center to study Architecture & Interior Design, later earning her certification in Print Reading & Project Estimation from MTC. In 2020, Caitlin became a member of the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) and earned her Construction Document Technology (CDT) certification later that year. Since joining CSI, Caitlin has created @Emerge.Construction on Instagram to share lessons, stories, and events with fellow emerging professionals in Architecture, Engineering, & Construction. Caitlin has also been an invited speaker at a variety of industry events across the country speaking about the role of emerging professionals in the industry. She is also an active member of the AIA and is a part of numerous mentorship programs to strengthen her potential as a future architect.