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Chesapeake Western Depot

Share the Love Fabulous February Giveaway!

Share the Love fabulous February giveaway has started. We love our community and the businesses in it. They are owned by our friends and neighbors after all. In particular our corner of downtown – Southwest of Court Square. Now those businesses want to know who is loving...
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EMHS Interact Club

Interact Club Charter Celebration – Eastern Mennonite School We Serve

It was a true honor to assist the Eastern Mennonite School We Serve club charter at an Interact Club sponsored by the Rotary Club or Rockingham County. This club of exceptional young leaders is 40+ strong and perform at least one service project a month. The club President, Abby...
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bowl for kids sake

Bowl for Kids Sake 2018: Support your local teams!

I am participating in Bowl for Kids Sake again this year to support Big Brothers Big Sisters. I originally got involved with this event because I thought it would be fun and they do good work. Since then I found out that they served 600+ kids in our community. They operate at 25%...
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Home addition project

Why Hire an Architect? Know the Answers, Build the Solution

Hiring an architect is more than aesthetics, it is getting the answers before building the solution. This is a big concept that not many think about in the construction industry. Getting the answers before building starts saves the client money and increases the builders profit....
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energy audit light switch

Air Leaks: Seal Your Light Switches to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Air leaks at light switches are a big cause of comfort issues in your home. There is an old saying in the construction industry that “you don’t want to build to tight.” So what window do you want to leave out of your home? The reality is leaks around light...
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Galactic Blue side table

Evolution Glass: Innovative Locally-Made Building Product

We are always on the look out for new products in the construction industry. We pride ourselves in knowing the options and being able to select the best solutions for our clients. It is rare to find a locally made 100% recycled product that looks this cool. Check out this summary...
water spigot

Freezing Pipes: Should I Be Worried?

Unprotected Pipes: Unprotected pipes are susceptible to cold temperatures because water expands when it goes from liquid to solid form. Ice blockage becomes more likely when outside temperatures drop to below freezing. A cold wind reaching unprotected pipes quickly removes heat...
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Home addition project

A Well-Placed Addition Allows For New Life in an Old Space

A well-placed addition allows for a new life in an old space. This renovation brings in light, adds space, and offers the function to this existing home. The owners needed a paint studio with more light. The house is in the right location in town and has the right amount of...
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architectural finds

Architectural Salvage Fun

Architectural Salvage Fun It is always fun to check out an architectural salvage store. You never know what you might find and where it may lead you. From what appears to be space guns to trains, crosses, and stained glass – there is something for everyone. You have to use...
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Alex Alvarez

A Story of Career Development by a Blue Ridge Community College Student

Career development is a great focus of the Gaines Group in helping students become architects. Alex Alvarez is a future leader in the construction industry. He attends Blue Ridge Community College and is on a path to apply for admission to the Virginia Tech Building Construction...
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