Visualization of the dream

Visualization of the dream

rendering of Gryphon gym
As architects and designers, we have the privilige of being trusted with our client’s dreams. A client might dream of the house they want to live in the rest of their life, a kitchen that is just right for family gatherings, a business space that enhances their products and services. We get to hear the goals for our clients, those that have emotional weight and need to be held with care. Then we get to help with the visualization of the dream. We get to design, sculpt space, verify compliance, and shape the future of the dream. Whatever the dream might be, we have the great honor of designing how to build it. How cool is that?
Hand holding a rendering of a building.

The visualization of the dream can take a variety of formats. We draw plans and elevations, cut sections and develop details. However, the most fun we can have is creating renderings so the client can see the 3D version of their space. We can change the time of day, orientation, colors, and materials so they can find the “just right” final product before construction ever starts. The process of rendering does take time, it is not just a click of a button like they show on television. The results are worth it in the end so that our client really knows what the space will feel like early in the design process.

Rendering of Eastern Mennonite Elementary School

Over the years we have had the opportunity to render homes, schools, studios, church additions, and more. Each one usually takes a different “style” to get the result the client needs to understand the design. Every rendering has merit whether it is a marker drawing or a 3D computer model. We love to serve our clients and hold tight to their dream throughout the design and construction process. If you find a need for a 3D rendering, please reach out.

Rendering of Craftsman Style House