New Year: 2022 Resolutions

New Year: 2022 Resolutions

As 2021 is coming to an end our Gaines Group team is looking back on the amazing clients, strong friendships, and challenges we have faced this year throughout the pandemic. To welcome in the new year we are following a classic tradition and sharing some of our team’s new year resolutions.

Charles Hendricks: over the past few years I have adopted the word grace for my resolution. I strive to give myself and others grace. I want to continue to focus on grace this coming year, but I am also drawn towards the word empathy right now. I want to continue to find ways to be, act, and grow more empathetic to better understand how I can serve others.

Maggie Bebel: Read two books a month

Deborah Smith: Meditate Regularly

Matty Tesch: Drink more water, less Redbull and prioritize my mental health by setting aside time for myself.