Weiler Orthodontics

We are thrilled to see our small business clients growing and expanding. In 2016 we did a major interior renovation of Weiler Orthodontics clinic to update the aesthetics and improve the functionality of the space. This project was well documented in blog posts HERE, HERE, and HERE. We worked with Herr and Company and defied time of construction rules to get this space back up and running. As their business has continued to grow there grew a need for some more functional changes in the existing space and we were thrilled to get the call to help Weiler Orthodontics.

The current renovation work is updating some of their spaces for new technologies used in the business, improving the waiting area for parents, and providing some additional examination rooms. While this renovation is much smaller in scale than our 2016 effort, the value of this additional space is enormous for where the business has grown to in 2021.

There is nothing better than having clients call us back for their next project and no better feeling than seeing our clients enjoy success.