I need art in my life, especially now.

Here is my COVID confessional, I am mentally exhausted.

2020 was a year like no other, in fact, I believe it was actually a decade long. There was so much weight, heavy emotional draining weight. Did it hit you? How have you found a way to bring joy to life and lighten the load of all that heavy in the world?

As a release I have started decorating the house I purchased a year ago. I was putting off decorating until I got all the broken / outdated things fixed, but that is going too slow. The house still needs walls painted, terrible wallpaper removed (example above, but should also include the wallpaper of grapes on the kitchen and the flowers in the master bath), landscape cleaned up and more. I just got tired of waiting to get everything right before I started making it home. I created the art wall first. This is a collection of my favorite local artists – Sophie Hendricks, Patricia Hendricks, Steve Flora, and Tonya Pickett. I love this wall, it brings me so much joy.

I am expanding my collection of wall art to include photography of my own and from the girls. I get joy from these creations hanging on the wall. The photos bring memories of places, times, and events. This source of joy gives me energy. It breaks up the heaviness in the world and helps me center.

Who is your favorite local artist? What works bring you the most joy?