Bringing new life to a downtown jewel – plan now for your renovation / addition

Our downtown historic buildings make up the fabric of our community. A lot of work has been done to bring many of these structures back to life. Our firm was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on bringing new life to this downtown jewel a few years ago.

There had been a fire in the building and the first floor had already been renovated before we got started. Our task was to put back together a very rough structure that had not been loved in a long time. The renovation goal was to provide a variety of unit sizes to allow for a range of rents in our downtown. Each unit has a bit of a unique personality.


As the contractor started taking the building apart, we found out that there were a lot of mistakes made in the past. In particular, a plumber many years ago had cut the joists out of a large section of the structure. There is honestly no reason why that building was still standing as we continued to uncover damage done by years of changes. The building was put back together safe and beautiful. The project celebrates some of the original materials exposing brick walls and wood floors. The apartments in this structure range from small to generous and all have the perfect location in the heart of downtown.

83 south main apartments harrisonburg

We love the finished project. If you have a historic building that needs some love and a new vision give us a call. We can help with that task and would love to be part of your solution.