Is your home keeping you healthy and comfortable while killing the Corona Virus?

I purchased an existing house this past year and of course got a home inspection by Benjamin Meredith of Building Knowledge prior to closing. He identified a list of things that needed to be adjusted, replaced, fixed, and monitored. As with any older home, it has issues and I certainly understood it would need some maintenance. On the top of the list Ben created for me was the heating and cooling system. The existing system was functioning, but not optimally. It was more than 15 years old (probably more than 20 years old) and nearing the end of its life. The system was using more energy than it should to barely keep up with comfort on moderate days.

So my next call was to Jay Monger at Excel HVAC to discuss options. I knew I wanted a high efficiency system. However, I just purchased a home, so money was tight. We discussed options and he ran a Manual J load calculation to verify the size of the air conditioner needed. If your HVAC company does not run a Manual J – then they are guessing at the size needed. He recommended a Mitsubishi Heat Pump for my efficiency and comfort goals. He also recommended a MERV 16 5″ media filter and an APCO Fresh-Aire UV light. Learn more about UV lamps and how they kill the Corona Virus here also how inhaling ozone damages your lungs.

We added a WiFi enabled control system that links to my phone allowing tracking and comfort adjustments easily from anywhere. The UV light kills biological contaminants in the air and keeps the house odor free. I am certainly happy to have invested in this heating / cooling system a few months ago that not only keeps my electric bills low and my house comfortable, but now provides knowledge I am doing everything I can to keep everyone as healthy as possible. Clean fresh air inside our homes is a must and this is a way to help achieve that goal.

This system also met Pearl Certification for the HVAC system which could improve resale value of the home. Pearl Certification is a national firm that provides third-party certification of high-performing homes: homes with “performance assets” that make them healthy, safe, comfortable, energy and water efficient. 


If you are thinking through upgrades on your home right now, it might be time to consider upgrading your heating / cooling system to one that is efficient, keeps you comfortable, and cleans the air.

We also upgraded the insulation to add to our comfort. Read more about that here.

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