Sweet Joy’s Cakes and Desserts Cabin Fever Relief #lovelocal

I am feeling run down today. What is it about having to stay home to work that wears you out? I know…. at least I have work – at least for now. I am grateful we were able to go remote quickly to protect our team’s health and still serve our clients. Just today, today feels heavy. So I was trying to think of some way to spread cheer. I started here at home by calling Sweet Joy’s Cakes and Desserts for some Cabin Fever Relief. #lovelocal

Sweet Joy’s is a family business. Their website says they cook from the heart and believe in quality when it comes to decorating and flavoring their foods. Check out their website to see some amazing creations.

The Cabin Fever Relief kit they delivered to our house brought smiles to the faces of my girls. It was just what we needed to bounce back a little from all the heavy that is these days. I feel good about supporting a locally owned small business and the girls are feeling good about having sweet treats to enjoy. I hope you will all give Sweet Joy’s a call or connect with Sweet Joy’s on Facebook to get some relief for yourself!