Simple Energy fix for your home that you can do

There are simple energy fixes for your home that you can do while staying at home for a few days. I do lots of energy audits and the most common challenge I find in almost every house is air leakage around and thru While each of these is a small hole in your thermal envelope, there are a lot of these small holes. Here is a thermal image of a typical outlet. In this image, white is warm and dark is cold air. This is an outlet in an exterior wall, but I also find this on interior walls.

air leakage electrical outlets

You can see cold air coming around the decorative cover plate and through the outlets themselves.

vampire loads

It is easy to take the decorative plate off. Don’t touch the wires inside. You will want to use a silicone caulk to fix the gap. There is a plastic box that holds the outlet in place. The gap between the plastic box and the drywall / plaster is the leak. Simply fill the gap with caulk.

caulk electrical outlets

So this reduces the air flow but does not stop it completely. If you have any child protection plugs you can insert them into the outlets after reattaching the decorative plate. You can also order a pack of pre-cut insulation that is designed to go behind the decorative plate.

electrical outlets

Once sealed, this hole in your drywall is no longer a source of air leaking into and out of your home. This will improve your indoor air quality and potentially reduce your monthly energy bills.

baby outlet protection