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LEED Farmhouse

Happy Earth Day – We Have a Lot of Work to Do!

Here we are again, another Earth Day. There is always more to do, but here is some of the projects we have done that are geared towards reducing environmental impacts.

First EarthCraft house in Virginia (one of six built at the same time to pilot the program out of Southface.)

Here is a duplex we designed for Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity. It is Earthcraft certified as well.

This industrial facility produces stairs and doors. It is also the first LEED NC certified industrial facilities in Central Virginia that produces warm air from a transpired solar collector.

Another duplex project designed for Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity. This on achieved LEED for Homes Gold certification.

What a beautiful renovation project. This one is Home Performance with Energy Star certified.

This magnificent home has all the luxury of any vacation destination. It also has two roofs full of Solar PV to reduce the impacts on the environment.

This client wanted to save the trees. Nope the Lorax does not live there, but we were able to save the trees by building a bridge to the front door.

A fast food restaurant, Dairy Queen, with Solar PV on the roof. Yes, this project, Harmony Square DQ, is using clean energy to make their blizzards!

Net-zero before it was cool. We designed this project in 2005 when solar pv was very expensive compared to today. They still wanted to run their home on clean energy.

The first LEED for Homes Certified projects in the Southeast United States. Yes, and it was done in 2005 even though it looks like a 100-year-old New England Farm House.

Sitting on top of the hill, it has amazing views. Even more amazing is the amount of clean energy produced on the roof.

Another farmhouse that is running on clean energy. This one has a porch like no other. Amazing views and right on the edge of town.

Stay tuned to see what we have planned before our next Earth Day!