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snow on the roof

Snow on the Roof Helps You Find Energy Leaks

Check to see where the snow is melting faster than other areas. Of course, sun exposure and shade will change the patterns. You are looking for the spots where it seems like it should still be there and it has melted. Why did it melt faster? Could that be an area where the heat from inside your home is escaping to the attic? That is the most common issue. Spaces above recessed can lights typically melt quick as that is a big leak to your attic. The attic access is another source of heat escaping from your inside to your attic. Finding these leaks will help you seal the leak and improve the comfort of your home and reduce your energy bills.

snow on the roofIf you find icicles on the exterior of your home, this could cause bigger problems. Ice dams can form on the edge of your roof if you have big heat leaks. This could create a dam along the edge and push water back under the shingles on your home. This could result in water damage in your exterior walls or ceiling. Even if there is not an ice dam, try to determine the cause of the icicle. Why did the snow melt in that location faster than others?

While I don’t enjoy snow at all – this is a great time to do a visual inspection of your home’s energy performance. Pay attention to the clues your home is providing for you.

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