Weiler Orthodontics Finishing Up Their Facelift

Weiler OrthodonticsActivity has been constant in the Weiler Orthodontics space since the construction began – see here. Herr and Company has been orchestrating as many as 12 companies at a time working in the small space. Today they start seeing patients in the space again!

Taking off wallpaper and changing colors was the first step to bringing this space in line with the current business.

Formalizing the play area and waiting area were also an important part of telling the business story. This entry area is very important to creating a calming effect for those visiting the space.

Weiler Orthodontics

The check in desk had a distinctive curve that we recreated in the new design. However, we wanted the space to feel lighter and brighter.

Weiler OrthodonticsWeiler Orthodontics

The break room needed a little more space and the basement stair had more space than needed, so a clever hole in the wall allows for cabinets to recess into the stair space.

Weiler Orthodontics

The clinic is the core of the business. This space needs to be calm, bright, and fun.

Weiler OrthodonticsWeiler Orthodontics

The exterior of the business is the calling card for those not yet clients and those arriving for a first visit. This addition will set the tone for what to expect when you enter the space. It is essentially a sign that says this business is young, fun, welcoming, and professional. I hear all the time, we want to do a face lift on our business to update the building that has become dated. This client understood that tying the inside to the exterior to reinforce their business was key to long-term success. What do you think so far?

Weiler OrthodonticsWeiler OrthodonticsWeiler Orthodontics Weiler Orthodontics

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