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Gaines Group Architects T-Shirts Now Available!

Gaines Group Architects T-Shirts will be available for pick up at the September 1, 2017 First Friday from 5pm – 8pm. This monthly event features a different artist each month. We offer food and drink for those attending and the artist is always available for discussions.

Gaines Group Architect Shirts

First Friday at The Depot

For September, our artist is Barbara Gautcher. Here is her artist statement:

“I’m continuing to explore abstraction, color, and collage in my paintings. These works are taken from sketches of the architectural features when looking out windows of buildings…the expanse of a sidewalk, the angle of a roof, the curve of a path, the lights for the path, the vertical of a building edge, or the horizontal of a patio wall. To me the window has become an opening to creative discoveries and to a world yet to be explored. 

These are 10 x 10 collages of design using color, line, and texture. They are rarely literal nor can one find a horizon line”


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