Air Leaks in Your Home on a Windy Day – Seal Them Up and Save Money

Air leaksIt is supposed to be windy later today. The wind blowing on one side of your home will create a positive pressure on that side. The other side of the house will form a negative pressure. This causes your home to expand and contract – hopefully and not likely enough to see it, but you will be able to feel air moving. Use the wind today to find the air leaks in your thermal envelope (wall system) and seal them up. If the leaks are around doors and windows, you can add weather-stripping to stop the leaks. Also check around the electrical outlets and light switches in the walls. The attic access is another place I often find air leaks. You can use a candle or just put your hand next to the suspect place. Caulking the gaps around penetrations – medicine cabinets, recessed can lights, electric outlets (behind the covers) will reduce your energy usage and make your home more comfortableIf you want me to help find the leaks, call us for an energy-audit.