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Can one person make a difference?

Can one person make a difference? In all honesty, I am not sure anymore. The world seems to be a crazy mixed up place to live, work, and play. If you state an opinion that is slightly controversial you will be attacked on social media. There is venomous hatred being spouted by leaders of religious universities in our state. Statements that once would seem outrageous and never said in public are now on the top of my SM feeds every time I sign on. Fear is overcoming common sense at every turn.


In this day of extremes, I am frustrated. I am frustrated that it seems hatred and bitterness is so much easier to spread than compassion and empathy. I am frustrated that it seems no matter how hard you try, the mountain seems too large to move. I am frustrated that it seems we can no longer hear each other if we don’t 100% agree with each other. I am frustrated.

Love an architect

However, my frustration does not make me want to stop doing my part. I think it may even push me to work harder to make positive change for the future. I am focused on continuing to grow and learn new ways that I can improve my community. I do not want to let fear and hatred win. Can one person make a difference? The good news is that we don’t have to find out because there are many people who will not allow hate to win. If these people join together and stand up against the bullies that are using fear and hatred as their weapons we will win, but not until we stand up against the hate and fear.