Do You Need to Hire an Architect?

Hire an architectIf you’re looking to hire an architect, give me a call for a consultation. I get a lot of calls about building additions, renovations, new construction, and building science issues. So do all the people calling me need to hire me? NO. I am happy to offer my help where possible for everyone that calls me. However, not everyone needs to hire me. This past week I visited a home that wants to finish their attic and add a staircase. There are only three options for stair locations so the design options are limited. The original construction was designed to have the finished attic, but they did not include design for where to put the stair. So do they need to hire me? It depends. If they want the stair to have an integrated look, I could be very helpful. If they want to just add a standard stair, I don’t think they need me if they hire the right contractor (I provided a list of good contractors). So was it a wasted trip for me? No, I don’t think so at all. I was able to identify a major energy / air quality issue that the home owner can fix when they do the renovation. I identified the three potential locations for the new stair. I built goodwill with the potential clients. I provided a lead to a couple of the quality contractors in town.

Hire an architect

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So when you are deciding if you need to hire an architect, give me a call and lets talk through the process. There is no charge for the initial meeting and even if you don’t need me, I can direct you to contractors that do good work and you can trust. 

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