Green Term Defined: Flashing

Green Term Defined: Flashing

Flashing is a strip of impervious material used to stop water from penetrating the junction of a wall or roof with another surface.

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One of the most critical design elements in a building are those keeping water out of the structural system. Flashing diverts the water and protects the building from rot and mold growth. If the flashing is not installed correctly, this can lead to damage to the building.



Flashing, while usually being a hidden element, is one that needs appropriate attention. Joints between materials expand and contract giving ample opportunity for water penetration into the structure.

SVBA Home and Garden Show Education Sessions

SVBA Home and Garden Show Education Sessions at the Show!!! Harrisonburg, April 11-12th, Rockingham County Fair Grounds.


April 11th

10:00 am Made to Move; the Human Body & Kinetics (outside on the grass)

Achieve Studio

Join us to start your day with a 10 minute talk on the benefits of exercise followed by a 30 minute yoga class open to all in attendance.

Achieve Logo

10:00 am Basic Gardening Preparation (inside the expo)

Betsy Pazur – Master Gardener IMG_2642

10:45 am Soap Box Derby Car Clinic

Rockingham Rotary Club 

Join Matt Findley as he walks kids through the process of putting together a Soap Box Derby car. This is a hands on session.

images (3)Derby Logo

10:45 am Home Canning (inside the expo)

Dede Stroup

11:30 am Creating a Home for a Lifetime (inside the expo)

Charles Hendricks – The Gaines Group

Charles_Hendricks_5x7 (2)

12:15 pm Beer Making (outside on the grass)

Matt Brennessel

12:15 pm Herb Gardening (inside the expo)

Judy Linhoss – Master Gardener


1:00 pm ¿Cómo consigo un préstamo para comprar una casa? (inside the expo)

Veronica Amato – VBS Mortgage

images (4)

1:45 pm Beginner Soap Making (inside the expo)

Dede Stroupe

2:30 pm  Easy tips to make your home more energy-efficient (inside the expo)

Charles Hendricks – The Gaines Group

Charles_Hendricks_5x7 (2)

3:15 pm Native Plants (inside the expo)

Anita Tuttle – Master Gardener


4:00 pm Understanding the Home Buying Process (inside the expo)

Dupont Credit Union

April 12th

12:15 pm Keeping Backyard Chickens (outside on the grass)

Greg Sachs – Eastern Mennonite University

12:15 pm Reverse Mortgages (inside the expo)

Lee Croteau – VBS Mortgages

images (2)

1:00 pm Solar PV for your Home (inside the expo)

Joy Loving – Solarize Harrisonburg

images (5)

1:45 pm How to be a backyard bee keeper (outside on the grass)

Fred Hollen – Valley Bee Supply

BeeSource AD Final

1:45 pm Easy tips to make your home healthy and comfortable (inside the expo)

Charles Hendricks – The Gaines Group

Charles_Hendricks_5x7 (2)

2:30 pm Tips and Tricks for a successful Vegetable Garden (inside the expo)

Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger – Master Gardener

Cango and Cheetah and Robyn (5)