What do you want in your dream kitchen?

There are endless options for aesthetics, function, and features in today’s kitchen. So what are your requirements? A custom backsplash, open shelving, and stainless appliances?


We often focus on function first. Making the kitchen work well so that you can cook, entertain, and feel comfortable is very important.  This kitchen opens to the dining area and has glass two-sided cabinets to allow the kitchen to feel open. It also serves as a buffet for big meals.


The counter tops, cabinets, and flooring can set the mood for the space and are incredibly important. Whether you want a traditional look or modern aesthetic, pulling all the pieces together will create the best solution. Don’t assume granite is your only option for a traditional low maintenance kitchen. There are many options of solid surface and stone counters that will make your kitchen look like one in a million.


Natural light and views out make the kitchen feel bigger and enhance the comfort. However, remember to plan the right amount of storage for your way of living. You could substitute all those wall cabinets with a walk-in pantry cabinet. You could also keep the wall cabinets and install windows above and below the cabinets for extra light.


Flexibility of space is also a critical element to make it a kitchen for a lifetime. Flexible work surfaces and space to move around give the opportunity for people of any ability to join in the cooing. Installing the correct lighting makes it easier for everyone to see without creating glare or dark corners. Hard surface flooring allows for easy cleanup of any mess that might fall on the floor during preparations. All of these concepts come back to the importance of design and having someone focused on your specific way of life involved in the creation of your dream kitchen. Don’t get stuck just talking about cabinets, focus on function first, the beauty is easy to capture.