The Park(let) Project is today. Want a park downtown, love green space? This event is for you.

The third annual Harrisonburg Park(let) project is taking place today. This event was created three years ago when a group of us got together to figure out how to bring an event downtown that encouraged more green spaces in an urban space, promoted interaction among citizens, and celebrated local artists. We based our idea on the now worldwide event started by Rebar in San Francisco called Park(ing) Day, which always happens on the third Friday in September.  The idea of transforming an urban area such as a parking space into a vibrant place for gathering and sharing ideas is ground breaking for some and other it should be done and permanent. In Harrisonburg we have great community, businesses, and lots of events downtown, but we lack informal places for gathering and green spaces. These types of spaces are vital to a healthy community and this event is our annual attempt to bring more awareness to their value. I hope someday we will have more park space downtown, perhaps a playground, and even more trees along our streets, but until then, I hope you will come and visit the park(let) projects that are being built today and will be open from 5pm – 8pm on court square.