Design flaws identified in this speculative home

Thanks for all your comments about the design flaws in the below images. You guys hit all the high points. The biggest is accessibility for sure. A door handle that can be opened with an elbow as well as a hand offers more flexibility for those of any ability. If you have your hands full or if you have bad arthritis you can still operate the door.

DSC08025Certainly the builder grade brass hardware is not going to last and is already out of “style.” This hardware will look worn in a matter of years and will most likely not hold up as far as durability is concerned. Spending a little more on quality up front will reduce your overall maintenance costs on any project.

DSC08008Having the door open so close to the corner will make it very difficult to use for someone in a wheelchair. It also greatly limits the flexibility of furniture layouts in this space.

DSC08036No deadbolt in the front door leaves a bit to be desired where security is concerned.

Also, there is no screen door on either the front door or back door so there is little chance to open up and air out the house on a nice day.