All I want for Christmas – Reblog from 2010 – Nothing has Changed

Looking back over past blogs and thinking about the future I came across this wish list from 2010 that I posted. Hope you find time to read it, time to relax, and have the best holiday season possible!

While I cannot say I will certainly be on Santa’s “nice” list, just to be safe, here is my Christmas wish list:

  1. That we can all first remember what the season is really about and give thanks for all the blessings we already have in our lives.
  2. That those in need will find a gift at their door this Christmas of hope and joy, that their needs will be filled, their stomachs full, and their homes warm.
  3. That every kid will get a gift, even if it is not the latest game or the hottest fad, that they all experience the gifts of kindness from another person this season.
  4. That we will all be safe in our travels and that nobody will be in such a rush or distracted that they steal the joy from their families or another’s family.
  5. That we get to spend plenty of time with friends and family, that we enjoy each other’s company, that we remember to be patient and caring with each other.
  6. That those without homes will find warmth and comfort, a place to stay dry, a place to call home.
  7. That people will give to others first, find a charity that is doing good work and support them, or simply find a family that is struggling and help lift their spirits this season.
  8. That we can all find a time to relax, put work aside, and recharge our spirits.
  9. That we can all celebrate this season of peace without the threat of violence or fear.
  10. That everyone will have a great holiday season no matter their beliefs.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!