Is big commercial good for Harrisonburg?

Scott Rogers posted news of a new commercial business potentially coming to Harrisonburg this year. We have several empty big boxes in town that need this kind of development or a rethinking of their use all together. This business will bring jobs to the area, provide a destination for some, and bring life back to a part of the mall that has been empty.

So is this good for our local economy? Do we need both chain stores and local companies to survive and grow our economy? Does this add value to our community? As someone who works hard to promote local business and also someone who works for commercial developers, I wonder what the right balance is for our community. We have done many shopping malls in the past and hope to get some in the near future. I want to see national companies find success and I want to see local companies thrive. Help me understand the bigger picture, what do you want to see in Harrisonburg? What will make this community better for you?

Harrisonburg health center

Carbon Neutral building we proposed for Harrisonburg

shopping center

shopping center we designed in Charlottesville

shopping center

mixed use building we proposed for Crozet

Shopping Center

Fluvanna Shopping Center we designed

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