It is not all about design when talking to an architect

I worked with a potential new client last night to understand why her electric bills were so high in her home. We found places to easily cut the energy use and places where it is possible but will be a little more difficult. She took all the advice I had to give and is working on a strategy to stage the work. While doing everything at once might be cost prohibitive, taking small steps will make it easier for her to take control of her monthly expenses.

Energy Audit

Buildings are very complicated and every move you make will change the overall performance of your home. If you encapsulate your crawl space that has been wet for years, the house will need to dry out over time. You might not immediately see the results with lower electric bills and more comfort, but you should within a month or two with appropriate dehumidification in place. You will feel better in the home and have more energy if your indoor air quality is improved. It is hard to quantify these health benefits, but they are huge for many of us that spend an average of 90% of our time indoors.


It is hard to find an architect that understands these aspects of design with so many raising a “green” flag trying to survive in this difficult market. Want to find out our competitive advantage, let me walk through your home with you and I can tell you all the ways you can save money, improve your indoor air quality, and live healthier.

wet crawl space