Building Community – for a brighter future

Change is constant, the future is fiction, what story do you want to write? ~ William McDonough

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We all have to make choices in life, where to eat, where to buy, how fast to drive. With every choice comes a result, a reaction to that choice. You might choose to live a healthy life, eat a balanced diet, exercise, get enough sleep, and reduce your stress. You might choose to buy items from a convenient store that offers plenty of choices at low prices. You might choose to drive 5 miles over the speed limit to get there a few minutes faster and not raise the attention of the state troopers. The values that you use to make choices are important. Do you base your choices on supporting the local economy, your immediate bottom line, or to support a company that offers something special. Do you find products that are healthy not only for you but also for those that manufacture them and live in areas where the raw materials are harvested? Do you look to how your choices impact other people.


What if your 5 miles over the speed limit is the cause of you losing control of your car on a wet road. What if you’re not supporting a locally owned store in favor of a large store with extra low prices causes your neighbor to lose their store, their house, their way of life? What if your choices impact others?

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It is time for us all to look at our choices in a bigger world view. We need to understand the impacts of our actions on ourselves, our family, and our neighbors. Can we rally behind our friends and help support them?Can we find ways to keep jobs in our communities, keep dollars in our neighborhoods, keep a vibrant healthy way of life in our country. We so often look to blame others for the problems in our world. What if we found ways to support others to overcome those problems? What if we all worked together to make things better?

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Simple changes in your habits will make a big difference for everyone. Reduce your energy use, buy local, re-use items instead of throwing them away, and get to know your neighbor. We may not agree on all issues. We may not become best of friends. We can help support each other, every dollar you spend is a vote on what you think is important. Every person you help is one more community member getting stronger. Every day we work together is another day towards a brighter futurefor all of us.

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