Why have an Energy Audit?

A certified BPI or RES-Net Rater will allow you to better understand where to spend money to get the best return on investment. An energy audit is a test that can determine whether you house is air tight and if not where the holes are in the thermal envelope. For years we have heard, don’t make your house too tight – so tell me, why did you install all the windows, how big of a hole do you want left in your wall. Making a house air tight is not a negative; it will then allow you to control the fresh air intake of your home rather than filtering your makeup air through your attic insulation, your vented crawl space, or through your walls. An energy audit will give you the information to determine if you should replace your HVAC system, windows, and / or appliances. This is a test that every home owner should have in order to better understand their home and how they spend their money.

Did you know: the average new American home has a 28% duct leakage on a well installed and maintained heating and cooling system.

Did you know: A vented crawl space or vented attic are not recommended for Central Virginia as it promotes bad indoor air quality and leads to higher energy bills?


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