What is Design and why do I need it?

The act of design is an intangible concept that most people overlook in their daily lives. They may know good design when they see it or when they hold a well designed object in their hands. However, they don’t think about the intellectual process it takes to create good design. It is a complex process that is difficult to describe, even by those that do it daily. The process is often overlooked due to the intangible aspects of thinking through process and creating design. A house, a complex machine designed for living, that fits perfectly on it’s site and functions seamlessly, looks effortless. This is the catch that allows people to say “I can do that” or “we don’t need to hire a designer for a house” or “we cannot afford to hire an architect.” It is those that have not lived in a house designed for them that cannot fully appreciate the power of design. A home that fits with your purpose, your daily functions, your goals and dreams, that is designed for you – will enhance your life.

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