Value Added Architecture

Hiring an architect is a difficult decision for many due to the perception that “architect’s are expensive.” After all, you can buy design software at any big box retailer and design your own home or flip through an online file of floorplans and find a house you like. The only problem is – it will not be your dream house designed with best construction practices and building science in mind. Architects spend years working to understand how buildings function like complicated machines and are able to design very high performance structures that will save you money from day one of operation. Architects are trained to hear your goals, dreams, and desires and translate them into functional spaces that add value to a floorplan. Architects are also trained to design a home that fits on a site, rather than taking a site and transforming it to fit the home. Many home buyers are most concerned with aesthetic appeal but what if your home was also energy efficient, healthy, and low maintenance? Value added architecture is not simply about cutting costs and maximizing square footage. It is about ‘adding’ value while keeping the client’s goals and dreams for their new home in order. The costs associated with hiring a design professional is minimal compared to the value added through a well thought through design that addresses energy efficiency, construction practices, and aesthetic concerns.

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