Top Reasons to Buy Green

There are so many options for buyers on the market right now that the options used to make a selection are wide and varied. Do you like the countertops in the kitchen, is the bedroom big enough, will the kids go to the right school? While these questions are very popular, here are some reasons to consider a Green Home:

  1. More Money in your pocket – A Green home typically saves money on operating costs because of the more efficient energy features such as proper insulation and air sealing and efficient water heaters, lighting, and appliances.
  2. Less “new home” odors – Indoor Air Quality is a huge issue in the health of your family. Using Low VOC and low Toxic glues, paints, sealants, cabinets, carpets, and flooring all reduce the airborne toxins you breath. Mechanical ventilation can also offer controlled fresh air to enhance the comfort and air quality in your home.
  3. Conservation of Resources – Not only does a Green Home save you money, you save resources for others in your community and for future generations. Using engineered lumber has become a standard in the building industry, it saves old growth trees and it can provide a stronger structure. There are also options for using less wood in a building through advanced framing techniques, using rapidly renewable materials, and recycled content materials.
  4. Water Conservation – There is nothing I like more than working all week, getting to the weekend, and having to work on getting the yard looking good…. Why do we cover everything in grass again? Using native plantings require less water, less maintenance, and offer a distinctive aesthetic in your neighborhood. You will attract more birds and butterflies, and free up your weekends. You can also install rain harvesting systems to water your plantings, grey water systems to flush your water closets, and low flow fixtures to use less water (save money).
  5. More Time to Play – A Green Built home will require less maintenance not only on the lawn but also on the house. Using durable materials cuts out the time you have to spend fixing broken items around the house. Decking make from composite materials needs little to no painting.
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