New Year’s Resolutions

I love hearing that so many of you have a New Year’s Resolution to reduce your energy consumption.  Your home is the best place to start. We just moved into a new (old) home that had mostly incandescent lights. Some were 60 watt, some were 75 watt, and I even found some 100 watt bulbs to replace. In one trip to the hardware store, I spent $140 on CFL lights and one rather expensive LED light in an effort to cut our home energy use. While it is hard to part with $140 on light bulbs, some simple calculations show that we will save $168 this year on our electric bill, just from that one change. While this is only $14 a month, it is a one year payback on investment – where else can you get that kind of return? With the CFL’s I have in the past lasting 5-7 years, this is an excellent investment to start off the new year!

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