Leaders Growing Leaders

Clay Nelson gave a presentation on Leaders Growing Leaders at the Construct 2009 CSI Show in Indianapolis. His position is that you have to train your employees to do what you do so that you can stay on the cutting edge and continue to be the visionary.


As a leader, this concept is the only way to grow the diversity and depth of your business. If you have to constantly answer questions and tell people what to do, you will be left with no time to do visioning. He says as a leader your job is to know what you don’t know. If you set your goal to be right then you have stopped learning. You should be looking for the things you don’t know and learning; let your employees do all the things you already know. If they can’t, then you have not done your job giving them to the power. Your staff will do what you let them do, if you always give them the answer, or if you tell them they are wrong when they bring you an answer, then you have given them no power to learn and grow themselves. As a leader you have to stop telling and start asking questions. Write down all the things you do, everything, for two weeks, this will give you a job description of what you do now. What on the list can you have someone else do, so that you can start doing something that you don’t already do well?

A leader is only as great as the weakest part of his team. Don’t worry about making mistakes, mistakes = growth. Set an example, be what you want other to be. This will give you the leaders that you need in your firm.

Great seminar, tremendous speaker.

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