How to get the Ultimate Dream Home

It is interesting to me that the “magazine plan” market remains so strong in this information age. Someone decides they are ready to build, they search online plans, find something that is almost what they want, and then hire a builder to make a few changes and build the home. The house almost always has things that are not exactly what they want, but it is OK since they are building custom and can pick the flooring and cabinets. They will be able to work with it, at least for a few years. Of course they have given the builder all the power. The builder sets the price, the scope of work, and is in charge of interpreting any conflicts.

OR you could ask a different question: Why not find an existing house that is almost what you want and then renovate it. At least at that point, you are not building a house that is not exactly what you want. In this economy you are probably going to spend less for large square footage, and you are helping deplete the existing housing stock. I have worked with clients that are renovating their homes to make it their dream home. It does work, but you still have to make some sacrifices to the ultimate dream home goal.

If neither of these approaches work for you, you could also call me and we can design your dream home. As an architect, I hear constantly, “we don’t know where to begin.” We start with a conversation to find out what you want. We talk about how you live and what spaces you need. Then we put the pieces together and create a home that will be the ultimate dream home. We don’t design a certain style, rather our goal is to help you create an energy efficient, healthy home that has exactly the features and elements that you need and want. We help find a builder. We have worked with many quality builders on past projects and know how they interact with their clients. We can also guide you through all the steps of the construction process to take the stress off of your shoulders and simplify the process. We work with you to set the standards by which the builder will provide the pricing. Then we work through the process to interpret any conflicts that arise during construction. Yes, it does cost more to hire an architect than to buy a “magazine plan”, but we will probably save you money during construction and you will get the home you really want to live in for a very long time.

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  2. Maryland Home Builder Reply

    All new construction is built to Energy Star standards which include energy-efficient building techniques and features such as more effective insulation, high-performance windows, tight construction, more efficient heating and cooling equipment, and Energy Star rated lighting fixtures and appliances

    • I agree that all new construction should be built to at least Energy Star standards, but most is built to code minimum standards. We can do so much more without actually adding to the budget day one.

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