Going Green in Harrisonburg

Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs in your home. These bulbs last 5 times longer than regular incandescent bulbs and use about 25% of the energy. These bulbs ARE more expensive, but in the long run do payoff in bulb replacement costs as well as energy costs. One thing to know is that these bulbs do contain mercury, but not enough to be a problem in the home as long as you are not breaking every single one into a bowl and drinking the mercury. To be responsible for these bulbs, you need to recycle them correctly. Check with Home Depot for a recycling program here in the valley. Just take your old bulbs to the returns desk and they will take them from you there. If you want to further discuss mercury, first look at all the mercury released into the air from coal-fired electric plants. Reduce our electricity consumption and we will reduce the amount of mercury in our environment.

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