Going Green in Harrisonburg

What does my health have to do with going green and the environment?

If we have a healthy planet, we have healthy people. If you live in a green certified building but people are frequently getting sick, something’s wrong. Most conventional products – from glass cleaners to the solvents used to glue down a carpet, the bleach used to make toilet paper – not only hurt the earth, they hurt us.

We are just discovering the extent to which many industrial and synthetic ingredients impact our health at the same time, as they degrade the earth’s ecosystems. So going green and being healthy go hand in hand. One can’t truly happen without the other happening as well. Everything in interconnected. Keep in mind, that new car smell is actually toxic chemicals off-gasing into the air you are breathing. That new carpet smell is potentially doing more than just giving you a headache. That can of paint stored in the basement is releasing toxic chemicals into your air. Those chemicals used for your dry cleaning continue to off-gas even after you get them home.

Protect your family, protect your children, and protect your pets – read product labels and only use safe products.

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