Going Green at Work

business competition is on the rise and everyone should be looking for ways to get an advantage, here is a list of easy ways to stay in front of the pack:

  1. Evaluate you Office Energy Performance – calculate your average energy use per square foot of office space and implement best practices to reduce energy use. It has been shown that simply tracking energy use will reduce your energy use through habits changing. Ask other offices what their energy use is and try to beat it.
  2. Encourage employee ride share programs or to walk to those close meetings.
  3. Allow employees to telecommute when they don’t need to be at a desk in the office.
  4. Consider the life cycle of all products used in the office. Can you reduce the amount of trash generated thus reducing your pick up fees? Can you select materials that will last longer so that they don’t need to be replaced as often?
  5. Conserve water use – install efficient fixtures, implement an employees education program.
  6. Encourage Eco-friendly employee activities, raise awareness. Challenge your employees to come up with ideas that will save the office money and conserve resources.
  7. Reduce the amount of packaging used on your products and purchase products that use the minimal amount of packaging.
  8. Recycle – have a recycling program in your office and stick to it.
  9. Print less – if you don’t need a physical copy, don’t print it. This will save money on paper and ink as well as floor space for all those file cabinets.

These are some basic ideas to get you started on being the most efficient company you can become through simple steps. What are you already doing in your office to go green and save green?

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  1. Stacey Morgan Smith Reply

    Great tips! Surely we can all follow at least one.

    I’ve encouraged my corporate office to turn off the overhead lights on bright sunny days, and we turn off half of the lights on overcast days.

    We’ve also institute a teleworking program which allows me to work from home two days a week, and at my home office, I unplug all “vampire” appliances at the end of the work day — monitor, laptop doc, even the clock (yes, I plug in and reset the clock each day).


    • harrisonburg architect Reply


      The clock is a little extreme, but thank you for doing it! I have been in my current office for 1 1/2 years and have only had to turn on the overhead lights 4-5 times because of it being dark out. If I am working on my computer I don’t need the overhead lights and most days, my very nice northern orientation, gives me a even light to work on drawings.


  2. AJ Lightheart Reply

    Great post, and so true. I would especially like to address the printing less point you made. One of the greatest challenges that we have seen firms facing is a billing review process that requires printing out countless pages multiple times, what a waste. We wanted to provide a green solution in our software, and our new paperless billing review has allowed firms to not have to print during this process. The result: Speeding up the billing review process by eliminating paper and managing your invoices from creation to collections electronically, thus being a more environmentally friendly office. Great post, thanks again.

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